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Subaru sambar parts

Log in or Sign up. Japanese Mini Truck Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Volume of Acid: Amps: 3. Specs to follow in another post. See attached drawing of Timing Belt cross section below to go with specs above. Sambar Timing Belt. Last edited: Sep 3, TimetripperMay 9, Usefull post--Thanks. SubaruMay 10, I think they are somewhere behind the wheels. MiniBrutesJun 6, SubaruJun 6, Mighty MiltJun 7, Yeah, minibrutes isn't smart enough to know he was being funny.

Here are some part 's and size for the front wheel bearings for a subaru sambar. Oddly enough they weren't behind the wheels at all, they were right in the middle.Japanese Mini Trucks also known as, Kei Trucks Kei meaning tiny, small or mini have been made in Japan for over fifty years. In Japan, these vehicles are mainly used for family farms.

They are also used daily for personal and business purposes on their roads. These versatile little vehicles are widely utilized throughout Asia, in agriculture, fisheries, construction and even for firefighting. More than half these trucks are purchased by farmers and hunters, however they are not limited to just these categories. Mini trucks are nparalleled when compared to all other off road vehicles.

Due to Japanese laws that regulate the surplus of the older minis, importers bring more used Kei trucks into the US than new. They generally have 6 ft. Our Goal is to purchase vehicles with a very low number of miles. All trucks have heat and only some have air conditioning, which is a highly sought after option. Air conditioning is a rare however, imagine being in your air conditioned mini truck in the heat of summer while your friends are swatting mosquitoes in their John Deere Gator.

The windows roll down, the bed sides and tailgate fold down to give you a platform to stack on, while still getting full use of the six foot bed. These trucks typically go for a long time, it really depends on how well you care for them. Most trucks will get upwards of 50 mpg, will run up to 60 mph. They all have 4 wheel drive with a high-low range selector. All Makes trucks have a three cylinder gas engine. With the exception of Subaru which is 4 cylinder. They all average between 38 - 47 horsepower, which is directly applied to the wheels.

These trucks will climb the most steep hill imaginable even while loaded down with firewood or sacks of feed without breaking the slightest traction because of the 4x4, differential lock rare option and Low range gear selector all working together. Compare the payload capacity, the axles, transmission, top speed, frame construction, hydraulic brakes, turn signals, and windshield wipers with washer, granny low gears 1 through 5 with Reverse and High range gears 1 through 5, to a Kubota, Mule or any other UTV and the mini truck will run circles around them in every single aspect.

Subaru Sambar

The axles, transmission, frame, suspension and everything else is designed for day after day use on or off road. We import vehicles which are under 25 year old exemption rule so many States allow them for on road use.

We'll provide you with all the paperwork you may need to get it registered. You may also check with your local DMV for registration Options. All Required paperwork is provided for out of state buyers to legally register Mini Trucks for Road Use. If you are a Washington Buyer we deal with doing all paperwork for you along with collecting 8.

State laws require that we charge applicable sales tax on orders shipped to addresses in the state of New Jersey, Washington and New York. Buyer is responsible for vehicle pick up or shipping. If your address is within our shipping distribution network the retes are nominal.To help stop the spread of Coronavirus, Covid we have stopped meeting customers at our locations.

The health and safety of ALL our customers, family, and friends, is our number one priority. Pictures, High Definition Videos, and Full walk-around and test drive videos are available upon request. No Handshakes necessary. All US Mini Trucks imported trucks are at least 25 years old to comply with Federal regulation regarding imports. Known as Kei trucks in Japan these workhorses are practical, fuel efficient, functional, and cool.

All trucks have heat, vent fan, fold down beds, and manual transmission. Options include air conditioning, rear differential lock, ultra-low gearing. Everything you need and more in a weatherproof side-by-side. All of our trucks go through a full Maintenance Service including but not limited to.

Nationwide Commercial Transport is available for deliveries more than miles. Family owned and operated by Proud Americans. US Mini Trucks. How it Works. Parts and Service. Inbound Vehicles. Click here for our MiniTruck Youtube Channel. Find out more. Sales, Parts, Service.As we Load up new products contact us for items you don't see.

Remanufactured Replacement Turbocharger. Replace your worn out Turbo with this nice fresh unit. Include chassis number when ordering. Limited supplies. Quality Low miles tested used transmission. For other counties email before purchasing. Used low miles speedometer.

Replace your broken unit with these low miles unit. We stock for all models; email questions. Replace your worn Brake Master Cylinder wit this nice used replacement. We must have your chassis number to process. All engines fully rebuilt and tested on dyno. Also Long Blocks includes new water pump and timing belt pre installed. Installation gasket kit included. Put the life back into your truck with this fresh engine. Includes installation Gaskets. No Core Charge.

Must supply chassis number when ordering. Other countries email for quote. Rebuilt Quality Honda Acty Carburetor.

Include your Chassis number when ordering.Japanese mini truck parts are not as costly as one might think. Our new and used parts are of exceptional quality and affordable so that you can keep your mini truck in prime operating condition.

We try our best to keep a large array of items in our warehouse ready for shipping. Our Staff has been trained in the installation and servicing of these mini trucks so they can answer any question you may have.

Japanese Mini Truck & Van Used Parts

They can answer questions regarding routine maintenance on your mini truck, including the installation of replace parts, or specifications for rebuilding an engine. We aim to make it easy for you to keep your mini truck running without the hassle of ordering expensive parts from Japan. We stock a custom lift kit that fits four different Minitruck brands. We spent a great deal of time locating Cushman White Truck parts.

Our salvage yard has a large variety of items. We care about the state of your mini truck, and are dedicated to making it affordable and easy for you to keep it in working order. Consider us the next time you need Mitsubishi Minicab partsor some tips on helping your mini truck run more smoothly. Mini Truck Parts Supplier. Buy Online Mini Truck Parts. Select Your Models. Contact Info For mini truck parts Email: info minitruck.

Honda and Subaru Mini Truck Sales, Service, and Parts

Get In Touch.New and used engines-and-engine-parts are available here for your car using our easy to use car part locator. With direct access to 's of Subaru breakers and Subaru salvage yards we can not only save you time we can save you money who doesnt want that? It couldnt be any easier replacing your engines-and-engine-parts for your Subaru Sambar and with morepartz online tech you get all this convenience in one unique website.

Dont miss out on the best deals for cheap engines-and-engine-parts spares for your Subaru Sambar. Here is a list of suggested parts Subaru Sambar engines and engine parts and spares, click each link to view our shop with a whole list of engines and engine parts and other related parts.

If your required engines and engine parts part is not in the list use the search box below to search and find. We offer engines and engine parts replacement car parts for all Subaru models, if you would like to see parts for a model other than Sambar click one of the car images below.

Here we will explain more about some of the more important engine parts you may need to buy. For most of us, what actually goes on under the bonnet is a mystery but even with limited knowledge, it is possible to repair and replace most parts of your vehicle quite easily.

subaru sambar parts

So, it's probably best to explain how your engine works it's a lot simpler than many people think and the relevant parts that make this happen. From turning on the ignitionthe car battery sends power to the starter motor which then turns the crankshaft to get the pistons moving. Once the pistons are moving, the engine will fire up and tick over.

subaru sambar parts

A fan then draws air via the air filter into the engine with the filter removing grit and dirt. The air is then drawn into the chamber where the fuel, whether it's diesel or petrol, is added. Thismixture of fuel and air is stored in the chamber until you depress the accelerator and open the intake valve. The gas mixture passes through the intake manifold and through the intake valves and distributed into the cylinders.

The camshaft will control the valves opening and closingwhile the distributor will make the spark plugs spark to ignite the fuel mix. This results in an explosion that forces a piston to move down and this turns the crankshaft which rotates and moves your vehicle. It all sounds very simple but these parts can wear out or fail and will need replacing. Other engine parts that you will need to appreciate include the cylinder head which is a block that seals the cylinder tops and the engine block which contains the main bodies of the cylinders.

These are separate components that fit together seamlessly and the head gasket is a thin piece of metal that sits between the engine block and cylinder head to connect them. Other important engine parts include the timing belt which connects the crankshaft and the camshaft so they work in time; when the timing belt, or sometimes it's a chainfails then you can have an expensive repair particularly if you've been traveling at high speed.

The advantage of using a shop is you get face to face support in purchasing the Sambar engines and engine parts part you need. One of the most beneficial aspect of purchasing from a local store is often highstreet shops will take your engines and engine parts part back if for some reason it doesnt fit, and if in stock instantly replacing with the correct part this can often be easier and quicker than repacking and posting, and then needing to wait for the replacement engines and engine parts part to be sent out.

Salvage and breakers yards are are an excellent source of Subaru replacement parts, not only for engines and engine parts spares but for a whole number of different parts. Breakers yards and salvage yards purchase damaged cars and then they dismantle them and sell the parts on to the general public.

You will have to be a bit more savvy to purchase via this channel, there are no assurances that the Subaru Sambar part you purchase is fit for purpose and often if you purchase engines and engine parts Sambar parts from the public you are not protected - mostly engines and engine parts Sambar spares and parts are sold as seen, so you really need to test your engines and engine parts or know about the Subaru Sambar part your purchasing in some detail.

Its easy to find a large number of online stores to purchase Subaru your engines and engine parts replacement parts and Subaru Sambar accessories, usually the offer fast delivery to your home and refunds or replacements if the engines and engine parts part turns out to not be suitable as long as you have the original packaging.Discussion in ' Subaru Sambar ' started by minitruck.

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subaru sambar parts

Need a Part for Your Subaru Sambar? We have it! We also stock new parts. We have sold Hundreds of trucks and have the experience and knowledge of most Makes and Models to Subaru Sambar Parts, www. Subaru Sambar engine rebuild kits coming from japan. What is the price on a KS4 engine?

What condition are they in?

subaru sambar parts

Hi there can you ship to the UK? I emailed these guys on sunday, wasnt expecting a reply. I was sent an automated reply stating they would respond in 24hrs. Well its 3 days later and nothin. Shopping List Can you give me prices and shipping costs to Edmonton, Alberta on the following items if available? Outer tie rod ends 2x Air filter Left and right rear wheel cylinders Front outer CV boot Transmission shift seal and sensor Left and right rear shock absorbers Rear main seal Valve cover seal set Passenger side left door Air conditioning compressor unit and matching belt Thanks!

I'm working on fixing up the little issues to get her running confidently. SpikeFiendJun 17, Sambar engine seals now instock. All engine Gaskets instock. New Subaru Sambar Front Struts and rear shocks coming. Looking for a few things for my 94 Sambar.

PearleApr 4, Subaru Sambar Looking for chrome headlight bezel for Subaru Sambar David PMay 15, Thank You Todd. I do not have any e-mail from you. Send your parts request to westshoreauto shaw. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

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